How to Protect your Teenage from Online Porn?

With 25 million porn sites floating across the cyberspace, they accumulate around 5 billion dollars a year from a rate of 28,000 people viewing porn at the same time. The more shocking statistics is the rate of viewership among teenagers between 12 and 17 years old.

Data shows that 53% of boys and 28% of girls along the age bracket deliberately search and view pornographic contents online. Furthermore, kids are also accidentally exposed to pornographic content through click baits. As such, parents should learn to protect their children from the dangers of pornography.

Why is it important to protect teens from online porn?

Most parents are hesitant to talk with their children about sex. As a result, social media and pornography takes the role in shaping children’s views about sexuality.

Pornography is full of exaggerated obscenity regarding sex. Ironically, it is also a powerful sex educator for children. Without any prior understanding of relationships and sex, it is easy to corrupt the minds of children with this kind of material.

Fortunately, parents are still the greatest and best teachers of children on sex education. Studies show that teaching them about sex in an age-appropriate manner leads their curiosity away from pornography. As such, they are less likely to build tolerance on obscenity depicted in pornography. Hopefully, they will enter adulthood and relationships free from false, corrupted views and misconceptions about sex.

How to Protect Teens from Online Porn?

External monitoring system

Porn is readily available today across all gadgets that have the capability to connect to the internet. As such, computers, laptops, tablets and phones are all potential gateways for pornography. Parents must learn to establish an external monitoring system, which includes strategically placing computers in open spaces and creating house rules that prevent children from keeping their tablets in their rooms during bedtime. Once this system is established, parents can install a second line of defense: internal monitoring system.

Internal monitoring system

Parents should educate themselves on internet safety and how to properly use applications and software that prevent kids from accessing porn on the internet. There are sites like Dirty Usernames, which is the #1, site for Snapchat nudes and Kik usernames.  There’s lots of Kik nudes and Snapchat sexting so its important to monitor these social media username sharing sites.  There are several potent downloadable software and applications that can block 97% of porn sites from the Internet.

Here is a list of possible filtering software that parents can install to block porn sites:

K9 Web Protection

K9 filtering software automatically enables Safe Search feature in all of the browsers installed on the computer. It also enables parents to specify time restrictions that block internet connection in specific hours of the day. This software helps parents control and monitor internet usage of the children.


STOP P-O-R-N specializes in blocking most of the porn sites on the internet, and even has several levels of protection, namely, minimal, moderate and extreme. This software is specifically made for blocking pornographic content from the internet including malicious software that children accidentally download from pop-up windows.

Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes actively guards the computer from pornography by alerting parents through email if the software recognizes keywords that pertain to pornography.


FamilyShield expands filtering pornographic content to all the connected devices on the network. This software is ideal to common household setups today where there are several gadgets connected to the internet. Also, it saves time and effort for parents to monitor gadgets one by one.

After installing internet filtering software, parents can still go for a third layer of protection through accountability software. Although internet filtering software can do most of the work, soft pornography contents composed of partial nudity and indecent images can still get through in Google searches, ads, or pop-up windows. Accountability software enables parents to have a daily report on activated malicious links and websites, which can be manually blocked on the browser security section.

Building strong foundation

Two monitoring systems were discussed in the previous section. However, prevention still stands as the best means to deter the negative effects of porn to children, and it starts with being one step ahead of them.

Before children ever encounter pornography, parents must proactively engage them in conversations about relationship and sex. A strong foundation is the children’s best defense against the corruptive effects of pornography.

However, if they encounter pornography earlier than usual, parents must make sure to counter the bad messages. Showing them how real, loving relationships look like and providing immediate and relatable examples will lead their curiosity away from exploring pornography.