LI FI an advancement of internet technology

Basically LI FI is one of the fastest transmission technology used in wireless communication devices like computer and Mobiles etc. The expansion of LI FI is Light Fidelity, LI FI is the advanced version of WI FI. Adding additional features that are not in WI FI and you can make it through LI FI technology.

Developer details:

First of all, I understand you’re eagerness to know about who is the developer of LI FI, answer for that question is one of the American scientist named as Harald Hass.

Technology used IN LI FI:

Technology used in LI FI is LED Light bulb technology. All are you know about LED’s, It is basically as Light Emitting Diode for exchanging information from sender to receiver.

Why you choose LI FI technology?

Many people’s think about, why should we move to WI FI technology to LI FI. The answer is WI FI is also a fast data transmission technology but, In LI FI compared to WI FI it is very fastest transmission technology.

Development of LI FI technology:

The development of LI FI technology is very simple thing. They can construct a LI FI technology that consists of just 4-assemblies that are given below,

  • Bulb like (LED’s)
  • RF power amplifier circuit(PA)
  • Printed circuit board(PCB)
  • Enclosure

These are all the things for developing the LI FI technology.

Working of LI FI:

Basically the working of LI FI technology is the very easiest one. Using the LED’s they can only perform the actions. If the LED is ON, then transmit the information otherwise not transmitting the information’s as return the 0’s and 1 value. The LED’s are ON/OFF very quickly. This gives the good opportunities for transmitting data.

Features of LI FI Technology:

  • The Transmission speed of LI FI is greater than 1GBPS.
  • Using the LI FI technology in our mobiles, Computers as well as other network devices we can communicate faster.
  • Most of the users think to access internet very faster and in this situation using LI FI technology is the efficient way.

Using LI FI technology in various fields:

Using LI FI technology is in various fields can access information very quickly.

Medical field:

  • Using LI FI in medical field is the efficient one because of in emergency purpose and they need to communicate with each other by using this technology.
  • Consider a situation the hospital need some rare blood group for the patient, in that situation they can use LI FI technology is more efficient compared to all other technology.
  • Also a need for heart, brain and other parts in the human body, in that situation they can use LI FI technology to get information quickly.

Online purchasing and booking:

  • This generation peoples are very eager to buy and booking products through online.
  • The above things are easily performed by using LI FI.
  • The peoples are very eager to buy products from online with good offer in that, the online shopping companies are offer for his customers for few days only. In that situation they can use LI FI and order his favorite product.
  • The online bookings for very well in this years, we can booking our
  • Theatre tickets
  • Bus tickets
  • Train tickets etc.

Organisation communication:

  • Many corporate companies are performs their tasks by using communication. For that Purpose they can use many technologies such as WI FI. Using WI FI they can transfer the data by the speed rate is 150GBPS.Using the LI FI technology they can communicate with rate of greater than 1 GBPS.
  • For his fast transmissions, they can use LI FI technology is very useful for us and improve the growth of his organization.
  • Using that LI FI technology, the team leader can share his ideas to his team members as much as faster than using other technologies.

Potential applications:

LI FI is used for potential purpose in various fields that are given below.

  • Traffic lights
  • Intrinsically safe environment
  • Airlines
  • On Ocean beds

If this technology can be used in practical, they can fulfill the fastest transmissions compared to WI FI and other technologies.